Wisdom….is it important?

Excellent preaching from our pastor last Sunday: He gave some really good advice about our past…leaving it in the past….along with some of the people in our past. Those who think they are strong enough to handle it, usually get blindsided and end up reliving the hurts over and over.

We have promises from God that will keep us from these hurts if we will just listen. He knows people’s hearts and will guide us away from the fools of this world.

Proverbs 1:20 Wisdom cries in the streets. She calls out in the public squares. v. 22 How long, you simpletons, will you insist on being simpleminded?

God never intended us to try everything to see if it works. We do not need to experience whatever the world throws at us in order to be “street savvy”. Those types of experiences leave us with scars that mold our character for years to come. Yes, God is merciful to forgive, but his greatest love comes from warning us beforehand so we will not have the scars. He has written it all down in His book. They say that experience is the greatest teacher…..as long as it is someone else’s experience! Learn from the hurts of others and read God’s promises: especially Proverbs. That is the owners manual on how to run a successful and happy life.


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