I have been involved in ministry most of my life. For years, I was a worship leader for churches. Because of the access I had to pastors, board members, etc., I have seen the Jezebel Spirit at work. This spirit, which is not gender specific, is trying to control our churches and our churches’ leadership just as the real Jezebel in the Bible tried to control King Ahab and Elijah. Bill Vincent lays out a clear plan to defeat this spirit. A Jezebel spirit must be treated like ISIS: you can not live with it, you cannot just degrade it, you cannot coexist with it, It must be destroyed. It must be expelled from the church.

You will learn how to identify and how to deal with this spirit in the audiobook:

The Jezebel Spirit: How to Overcome the Spirit Before It Destroys You!

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In Bill Vincent’s more than 20 years…

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Writing a book or essay is hard work. You put a lot of time in away from your family. You spend endless hours looking at dictionary programs to get just the right synonym to express that thought. YOU ARE READY FOR THE MONEY!  YOU WANT THE MONEY! YOU DESERVE THE MONEY!!!!

Why aren’t people finding your book on amazon? Why are they not visiting your website to get this fantastic information? Did you just waste that year writing this thing?

This is the questions all authors ask. And the answer to why they are not finding you is: They don’t know you are there!

How do your stand out from the hundreds of thousands of other authors out there? It use to be a lot harder to publish a book. Nowadays, it is very easy to publish a book. That’s the good news. The bad news is: Nowadays, it is very easy to publish a…

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A Tale of Teenage Bullying, Suicide and Revenge


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Slow Burn: Detective Alec Ramsay Series, Book 3 is now available on!

I am very excited about this audiobook. It is my very first full length (90,000 word) novel. Also, my wife helped by voicing the female characters which makes this sound more like a live play than a book. I have just received word that the author is meeting with a screen writer for the first Alec Ramsay Book; The Child Taker. I will let you know when Hollywood is interested in the 3rd book! In the mean time, you can be the one of the first to sample this work by bestselling author, Conrad Jones. As I promised, if you would like a free copy of this, message me or email me at: I will send you a promotion code to get this for free! Thanks for the support!


It reached…

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