A Tale of Teenage Bullying, Suicide and Revenge


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Slow Burn: Detective Alec Ramsay Series, Book 3 is now available on Audible.com!

I am very excited about this audiobook. It is my very first full length (90,000 word) novel. Also, my wife helped by voicing the female characters which makes this sound more like a live play than a book. I have just received word that the author is meeting with a screen writer for the first Alec Ramsay Book; The Child Taker. I will let you know when Hollywood is interested in the 3rd book! In the mean time, you can be the one of the first to sample this work by bestselling author, Conrad Jones. As I promised, if you would like a free copy of this, message me or email me at: aneaglesnest@msn.com. I will send you a promotion code to get this for free! Thanks for the support!


It reached…

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